“People will talk about you when they envy you and the life you lead.  Let them.  You affected their life.  Don’t let them affect yours”.


“The fact that people talk about you that don’t know you says a lot about them”.

Let’s face the facts; people talk about me no matter what the case.  Whether it’s made up, something that was taken out of context or plain factual.  I recently asked some friends of mine both in real life and second life “so what is it that makes me such a bad person to people and talk the way they do about me?”  The answer was not a shock but confirmed what I had always been thinking; I’m a woman and one of color I may add.  Get off your high horse as if you don’t see color. We all do!!!

Since taking on The Best of SL & Co., I have received such things as it’s just a matter of time before it closes, she doesn’t know how to run a company; She is just a B***h that thinks she is all that.  Now, why do I differ from a man?  Does this mean that women would rather follow men?  What are they hoping for, is it that they need someone to lead them, tell them they look pretty all the time and the verbal affections of a man whether good or bad?

I had a pity party alone, and then decided who the hell these people are, and they have no clue of what they are saying about me.  I have gotten to a point of not caring what anyone thinks anymore and here is why.

Giving a damn about people who have their agenda.  Many of the employees I had have come and gone due to not being able to have their way.  Trying to tell me how to run my company and that’s why when I bought it, it was already in the red.  How in the hell is someone going to tell me how to run my company that doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to through it out?  Now, I said many, not all.  Some left due to real life reasons and believed me that is understandable but then you have what I call a fair-weather friend.  We are all accustomed to this type of person; they flow where they think they can get the biggest bang for their buck.  Now here is the funny part, they want to do business with others and call me un-loyal.  Who the hell am I to be loyal to but others than who are loyal to me?  So many come into my life and tell me who I need to get rid of in my organization and the next thing I know their off for the competitor because they all in their feelings about something or another.  What that told me is you are a weak person, and I don’t need or want you within my organization.  I have some of the strongest men and women that work on my team, and we all have a job to do and not babysit someone who got their feelings hurt by something that was a misunderstanding.  The world is full of issues that will happen but if you can’t talk and discuss them but run to someone who you think will put it out on Social Media, then you need to rethink your communication skills as they are truly lacking.

Since being in this small industry of fashion, it has been nothing but cutthroat at every turn.  I don’t do an interview the way someone wants it because who in the hell has four hours to sit and interview people?  Maybe you do, but I know my staff does not have this kind of time, and we all make decisions as a team, because this decision was made, I am accused of cheating because I want a certain person to win a pageant that I do not even judge.  What the fuck is this?

People trying to tell me how to run my magazine, well when you have 2 million followers then you can speak but until then shut the hell up.  The magazine started going downhill and when I took it back over is when it flourished so, please get your damn facts straight.

What is wrong with a woman who knows what she wants, sees a vision and tries hard to make it happen or is that only for a man?  So many of you are so damn catty and into your egos, you can’t see the forest for the trees.  A man and woman can tell the same story, however; most women (I stated most) will believe in the man and say the woman is lying, shake my damn head are you this gullible or just like playing as if you have no sense at all?

As for my businesses, you might want to find out first hand from me and not from someone who thinks they know me on how I do things.  I have been as nice and transparent in second life for the last seven years but that is about to all change, and I will turn your world upside down.  I thought I had to be nice to people and try to compromise with them to do business, what I found was the exact opposite, people want to be treated like dirt, and then they feel as if they are worth something (again most people).  In my real life, I handle billions of dollars daily, and I am very successful and even managed to start up AGAIN my real life beauty business which I am not in the virtual reality world all day every day?  For some, this is a way of making a living and yes that would be expected for them to be in “making money” not talking trash and crap about people they know second hand.  Let me ask you this?  Are you famous when you hit that red (X) at the top of the right-hand corner of your computer?  I guess many of you lead average lives like most and need to cause shit all over a virtual world to make yourself feel better because you are behind a computer.  Guess what if that is who you are in Second Life that is who you are in real life.

People I have been very transparent about everything in my life and if you don’t like it well then one thing you can say is that I didn’t lie or cheat or steal from anyone.  My ethics and morals say more about me than you care to admit, but again thank you for thinking of me.

There are people within the virtual community that I just refuse to work with, and I have made that clear and not to say am ashamed of that. Reason being is how they treated me.  Now realize I do not retaliate without just cause but when I do then others want to play the victim.  Come on now show your true colors you want to be the “It” person then say it how it is?

So many of you have talked shit behind my back and crawl up in my face, don’t think I don’t notice it.  I knew exactly who ALL of you are, and you won’t like the treatment you receive from me from here on out.  I am a very easy flowing friend and loyal to the end, but I will be damned if I let someone run all over me, because they have their own damn agenda’s (many of you do).

The bottom line is the reason many of you do not like me is because I have my shit together, I am a woman of color (no I am not a man), I decided to run my business as I saw fit and not the way you thought it should be run (many of you I look at your track record and seriously, GO To Fucking Business School).  Second Life can be used as a platform to doing business, however; you will fail if you are not good with communication because this world is all about that.  If you can’t forgive someone at work or talk it out and agree to disagree then get the hell out of other people’s businesses and start your own, oh wait you may fail there too since again it’s about communication.

Understand I will run my business as I see fit.  I don’t see any of you putting money in my pocket, but you will take in a minute and do a piss poor job and wonder why you were fired, or you left knowing you were about to be on the chopping block.  One thing I cannot stand is a liar and a cheater, one thing not one of you will EVER be able to say about me, so make all your bullshit up, and it’s quite funny actually.

Stop coming to me and telling me who my real friends are and aren’t, hell are you one?  Probably not.  Do you know me or just of me, pity for the person who can’t find out all the facts themselves?

Let me settle your shade throwing with these tidbits.

I have a degree, three actually.

I have been running businesses for over 30 years.

You don’t like me then get the hell away from me and my brand.

I will run my business as I see fit, follow me, unfollow me.  I would rather have 100 loyal people behind me than 200 thousand of you fake ass people, which take up my time and energy.

If you don’t like the way I do business then at least be honest and we can agree, but to be an undercover heffa and talk shit behind my back just shows where your head was in the first place, and I don’t have time for you.

Expect to have me come back at you when you speak of me with negative connotations; I am tired of your shit and it’s time for me to treat you the same way you treat me.  It’s time for an eye for an eye.

Many may say I am stooping to a low.  No Honie bunnies, I am just giving you the treatment you deserve.  I run a tight ship in real life; this is my money and my time so guess what, shit or get off the pot.

Get off all my social media pages if you don’t like me, stop following me thinking you will find gossip, sorry I have nothing to feed your manic egos.

If I take time out of my busy day for you, that means you are important to me and I respect you.  Many of my so called haters are those whom I did not give them their way. Its ok, people in hell want ice water, get over it.

Over 20 years in the entertainment industry (started in clothing design and moved into makeup).

Do you have a letter from the Emmy Awards thanking you for the hard work you have done in the industry?  Probably not, but I do and qualified enough to give advice.  I am not a fake in anything that I do; you need to ponder that one.

For me, there is only one God.  I have never seen a Fashion God.

Lastly, for the ones who state that they are now independent and making references on social media; you’re independent of what.  No one ever trapped you anywhere.  We all have the right to make choices some good and some bad.  But don’t blame your independence on me, learn to be independent and think for yourselves.

Welcome to Independence Day bitches.


Signing off.

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