A brand new year is upon us, and as I look back on the last year, I realize all the mistakes that I have made with business associates and with so-called friends.

As fun as I know Second Life to be it has its share of being a great rumor mill. My name has been used in many rumors from firing people to saying unruly and untrue things of others when in fact my time has been very limited within this virtual world we all know and love. I find it amazing that within such a creative outlet place so many have so much hatred within their beings that many find themselves yearning for real life as it’s filled with less drama and much more excitement. When I came to Second Life it was a place to escape from the real world problems if only for a second, to be whatever you wanted to be and to be accepted, or so one would think when in fact you are judged to a much higher level as expected not to have any flaws or make any mistakes. Realizing that if I sneezed the wrong way it would be taken very negative and considered drama.


I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked not to have people work for me, not include them in projects I may be working on all because of a misunderstanding or a past treatment, misconception or just not getting along. I would ask myself what did this have to do with myself and the business that I run after all its business or one would think. To my dismay it becomes a double standard; in my plight to make people happy and to lose myself to agreeing and abiding by these things, what is known about me people will continuously go against the same issues they are asking me not be involved in. I have found in many instances where business decisions that involve my brands, and I are treated by other as “Reign, that doesn’t have anything to do with us and its business,” where am I going wrong here?

I know where I went wrong, I allowed what I thought was a friendship to come in-between what was good and not good for my business. One must realize that friendships should be separate from business unless you have that understanding up front. I could not realize why I have been so unhappy with the latest events that I have been seeing and truly wanting to give up on this virtual world I have come to love so much in the last seven years. Why should I be held to a different standard and why should people be such hypocritical against everything that I do and say?

How I have heard in not so long ago conversations that I have some people that love BOSL the brand, however; because of whatever happened between them and I don’t necessarily like me anymore. Guess what I am the brand, so again another hypocritical statement. Dozens of people running to me trying to tell me what is going on with the competitor that by the way I could care less and then you see them over at the competitor (makes you go hmm). How many times has this been brought to my attention? I do not go out seeking information although it manages to find its way back to me and truly shows me the loyalty of people within this game. I do question how some people are in real life and if they practice their actions there as they do here within this virtual world.

With all this being said, I will and have made some changes. I am confessing for myself that I will no longer take the abuse that has been handed to me. If I feel that doing shows for my company will hurt its reputation because of the continued hypocrisy, I will say no to them. If my staff wants to write on issues they feel may cause issues, it’s ok we like to be different after all everyone has a right to live their Second life as they see fit. Are you living yours correct? I should be able to live as open or as closed as I chose, work with who I chose or not. I will not apologize for standing up for my brand and my staff and if that means people thinks its “drama” so be it, as I am sure you would do the same. Some things I chose to keep quiet on, however; there will be issues that I just will not anymore as I am a person that has feelings just as you and have just as much right to express them as they are being expressed against me. I am a very professional person, however; even professional people make statements from time to time so that should be an expectation.

People, I am real, I am professional, and I will make my fair share of mistakes, however; please remember, “He without sin cast the first stone.” Get over yourselves. I have.


Love, Peace and Always Happiness


Reign Congrejo Jameson


Reign’s Styling


Shot On Location:  Kingdom of Galanthus

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