A Good Leader Takes More Than His Share Of The Blame, A Little Less Than His Share Of The Credit. (Arnold H. Glasow)



Let’s just be clear… Giving credit where credit is due seems to be the subject everyone wants to have their hands in. We all want to the pat on the back for a job well done in this day and age. I can’t tell you how many countless hours I have put into projects from behind the scenes in order to make my superiors look good without a word or even my name for some invention or a piece of writing on “how to” to get them to the next level. It use to upset me to the fullest, and I use to rant about it to my co-workers, family, friends and anyone whom would take the time to listen. Then one day the “Ah-Ha” moment hit me.

I am sure that many of you have had those “Ah-Ha” moments in life where something comes to you and where you had your blinders on, you now are seeing things much clearer. All of those times I wrote or came up with ideas for others was preparing me for greater things and to be able to move into my destiny. I learned that what I wrote or invented no one would ever be able to explain what I did or how I did it to the extent as I would. What was I worrying about? Let the Executives ask how something was accomplished because that meant that the subject matter expert “being me” would ultimately have to be brought in, in order to explain the ins and outs of a project and its success.

It is so funny how I sit back and watch those who truly want to have credit given, now please do not misunderstand me. There are many that need those pats on the back to acknowledge that they have done a great job, however; we must always understand that many of us do not work alone. Being the owner of a business within a virtual world as well as being the head of a revenue corporation in the real world, I have learned that I cannot complete tasks by myself. I have a team that I ask for their help on a daily basis to get tasks done. In many of my blogs, my appearances I always give credit to my staff for their hard work. Being a CEO or Chief only means that I must be able to provide the tools to the staff for them to complete their jobs and by the deadlines given. It does not mean that the title is used to push myself higher, and my ego becomes so big that no one can tell me anything because I know it all. I believe that looking to my staff since they are on the front line they are in the know and should have a voice. Some ideas will work for a business some may not fit in, but you continue to try and push forward and tweak until you find the right fit.

In the real world, I have been in business for almost thirty years. I have come to understand that some things will work, and some things do not. I am learning what types of people to surround myself with and which ones not too. How many of you know at least one millionaire that you can have as a mentor? How many of you know at least one successful business person in the real world that you can have as a mentor? How many of you surround yourself with people that will help push you to the next level of achievement without expecting anything from you, only that you have the will to succeed and want to give back to the next person? These are the people that you want to surround yourself with; that will help you to get to that next level. The questions I just asked you the answer for me is “Yes” I have all of these and many of them surrounding me in my real world existence. As great as Second life is, it’s for a stepping stone for what is to come in my real world. I know what my destiny is, and I am working towards it.

I do not need to take credit for what I know my staff does. Many come to me behind the scenes and have for guidance, however; not once do you see my name on any of it. It’s not about my name it’s about getting the job done and I believe that we are all a team and put in the same amount of work. Many of you judge me and I think it’s actually great because that shows me that you have not checked all of your facts which, unfortunately, I find very sad and true with a lot of people within the virtual world. People would rather believe a great lie because the story told is so much better than the truth. Because someone may not like another, it’s easy to find fault and jump on the bandwagon of another however; one thing about me, regardless of what I may feel about a person personally when it comes to business I deal with them on that level (its business). The real world works the same. We need to learn to keep our personal feelings out of our business for this is what makes you not have success. There are many businesses competing with each other, however; there is nothing personal. Learn to remove all that negativity as its only hurting yourself. Let’s start giving our selves credit for being creditworthy. Start looking behind the scenes of many businesses and you will see it’s not the one who you may think is running the business but many behind the scene that keep it going and growing.


“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”   ~ Harry S. Truman


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