This one has been a long time coming. I have shed some tears, gotten angry, stepped back and had much reflection on even how to present on this very topic. So many may relate to it, and some may walk away, however; in the end many may come to know who I am and what I truly stand for.

I want to preface this and  all other posts that I make, have no bearing on my relationship with my Second life Husband. He and I had relationships before we met each other, and sometimes we share about those mountains we had to climb to get where we are today.   We try to be transparent in our journeys with you, so try not to think that our blogs are about each other in fact it’s just the opposite of how we found each other and ultimately what holds us together.

I have been reading many books and listening to many ministries and praying in hopes to finding my purpose and destiny. I sit back and think “There is more to life”. I am always striving for more. What that tells me is that I have not reached my true potential and purpose in life. The more I read, the more I pray I start to realize what actions are happening around me. People would tell me things to either depress me or make me upset. People would talk about me and say things that were very untrue. I would hear things such as “I heard this about you but didn’t believe it, until now”- from someone who has known me for many years. What I didn’t realize at the time is that these things were purely a test. Many things will come to offend me, it’s my reaction to it that truly will count in the long run.

I reflect on many of the relationships that I have had and must admit some of them I didn’t realize why they ended or how they ended the way they did. I was hurt, torn apart and thought my life would never be the same without them. This wasn’t just love relationships; these were friendships I had for long periods of time.   We all have scratched our heads and wondered why something went south so fast, and we just didn’t understand how it happened. When I started to seek really out who I was and on my journey to understanding my purpose I found that my eyes that were once clouded by what I wanted to see, where starting to become very clear with truth and facts that were laid before me. What I realized that in those relationships they were meant to be learning and stepping stones in my life. To teach me along my journey, some good, some bad but never the less a lesson into becoming who I am. I was being tested with small things, small conflicts, and small disagreements. How was I going to handle such small conflict? What many do not understand is that you will always have conflict and offenses in your life, how will you handle it? If people decide to walk away from you because of a little conflict or disagreement, let them walk. Do not hold on to them. As Bishop TD Jake said in one of his sermons “They are not of you, so they are not with you”, those with you will be there through it all, not when it only counts for them. It has gotten easier to let people go from my life because really this life is temporary, and people will fail you all the time, people do not write my destiny and I have a far greater purpose that one of man. If a boyfriend, friend, husband, wife, wants to leave, let them leave there will be nothing you can do because those steps were ordered and no matter how much crying, begging or arguing you do, you cannot make that person stay, they are not for your life. Let’s get real, everything in this life as we know it is temporary and when you die, you will not be able to take one thing with you EXCEPT your SOUL.

As my eyes became clearer I saw that I kept looking down at the ground, another analogy was made about the Chicken and the Eagle. Chickens eat off the ground, and they eat anything even their feces, ever wondered why a chicken can’t fly? My life was bound living like a chicken eating the emotional, mental stresses and offenses that people would hand me, and I would let it wear on me instead of just shaking it off and not letting it have a strong hold on me. Learning to forgive somethings, not because the others thought I should but because my destiny is being blocked, and I can’t ever become the woman I was meant to be by holding onto all that negativity that people want to throw on me. I made a vow to let it go and move on in my search for my purpose. I remember hearing that even in business when you are given authority let’s say CEO of a company you are given that because you are the one that people come to as you can handle the stress. You make the big money to handle the stress. A CEO job is not to look good, or hold a prestigious title and sit back and not do anything with it, they step out and handle any stressors that come their way. The test here it comes. Many of these test(s) that are being thrown at me whether it’s in real life of second life it’s only preparing me for the next level. The worker bees have a certain level of stress and a certain level of pay, if anyone wants to move up they must accept the stress that comes along with that level they are working towards. You can’t say someone is hurting your feelings, jumping on you; you’re the head and leader that the baton and start heading the team to greatness. Soar like an Eagle, have vision like an Eagle; see your prey miles away and focus.

Being at the top you have to learn to interact with people. We may sit across from one another, and I may not agree with everything you say, that’s not my job to agree with you all the time. But at the end of the day when our business is finished we should be able to break and say “Hey good job now let’s get some dinner and have a good time.” That’s what true leadership and friendship are about. You will find this from some of the top Corporate CEO, Lawyers, and Entertainers. They may not get along or even agree at the business table; they realize their job may be on opposite sides of the table however; at the end of the day they know who they are and settle back into the friendships that they cherish with one another.

I say, everyone, if you don’t know me do not judge me. If I say no, it’s usually for a reason and if you do not understand ask for clarification that I am always able to explain. I may not always see eye to eye with everyone but always try to look at the other persons view if given the chance. My destiny is purpose driven, and if I am not for you if you chose to go, please know I will not hold you, I will let you go for I need those around me that are for me, and I can be for them. I am who I am, and you are who you are, let’s not change each other but work together for the higher purpose.


Love ya like honey.

Reign Congrejo Jameson


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