It continues to baffle me how people think I owe everyone an answer to something that might or might

not be true.  How I run my business, how I handle my relationships and the never ending hearsay.  It

seems to run ramped in this world we call Second Life.  Those that claim they don’t do drama are the

cause of much drama and when I decide to eliminate them from my life, and then I become the bad

person.  Is there anyone out there with this same issue?  I am sure there are lots.


It seems that many want to be involved in either telling you how to run your business, who you should

hire, who you should fire, always questioning your actions (if you say something you’re wrong, if you

don’t your still wrong), seems to me a losing battle with people who do not even have their own houses

under control.  I have stated “Seek to First Understand and Then Be Understood” ‘Steven Covey~.

Where are the days that if you had any doubts in your mind about something being said about someone

you would first seek out to find out if the information is true, the source and always knowing there are

three sides to a story (Your’s, Mine and the Truth).


It seems I am always under fire for decisions I make and I am always judged on them one way or

another.  Well honestly, who gave you the right to judge me when you have a glass house of your own?

Instead of listening to negativity why not try and be a solution to a problem, or check the facts before

choosing a side?   I have to question people’s common sense some times as to judge you will eventually

be judged.


There are many that just need to stay neutral.  If I personally am in some crossfire or my business and

executives then let us fight our own battles.  We are all here to have a great time and enjoy our Second

Life but it seems so many want to get mixed in the drama and put their two cents in where it doesn’t

count or have anything to do with them.


My business I run my way, just as others do, I handle my relationships with care until someone feels

they have gotten what they want or can’t get what they want out of me, then the friendship ends (we all

know this scenario).  It’s funny how people say “you have changed”, no I haven’t changed I am still the

levelheaded person I have always been with my flaws.  Just because I speak up for myself in a manner

you have never seen or can’t comprehend does not mean that I have changed.  We all need to do self –



Ye without sin, please cast the first stone.  Not one of us on this earth is perfect, stop acting as if

everything you do is a bed of roses and condemning those who truly mind their own business.  We

should start celebrating each other’s achievements instead of trying to pull each other down.  I will grant

everyone this; I usually will not say anything when people are keeping drama going about how I run

business or hearsay but when you attack me personally or my staff I will definitely have something to

say especially if it’s a detriment to them.  I know each and every one of you would do the same if it was

something you loved and cherished.


Many are using scare tactics to control instead of coming and finding out truths for themselves.  One thing I am is

approachable and transparent.  I will tell you how I feel, I will give you my opinion but only when asked and willing to

help anyone succeed.



Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. 

Don’t be trapped by dogma-which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. 

Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. 

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow already

know what you truly want to be the outcome.

~Steve Jobs~

Love, Peace and Happiness

Reign Congrejo Jameson


Khalied’s Outfit-

Glasses:   S O R G O – Tetsuo/Wood (g)
Earrings: / XIAJ /  Vo horn Earrings: Black
Shoes: BLK 2.0 SHARk’Z REDcroco
Shirt and Shorts: Giovanni FashionNatic

Reign’s Outfit-

Hair-fiore-Merina Hair Black
Shoes- Savasci Gladiator Heels & Hud
Outfit-Vero Modero/V Romper Navy
Jewelry- RYCA Bangle DXL Platinum

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