Seen flying high with grace and glory, was admired from afar.  Soaring freely without sound as she had found her way in the world.  She saw the world through her own eyes so rich and pure and without a smudge, until one day the black bird decided to land.  Captured for her beauty held in captivity by her owner to show off to friends, family whoever would see this precious jewel.  This blackbird soon found herself distraught she was no long free to wonder and be herself.  Captured, fed at certain times, saw the sunlight during certain hours; soon became depressed.

The blackbird began to sing and the owner thought it was of the most beautiful sound but to the blackbird it was a cry out to be set free to what it had always known.  The blackbird never had to sing because it always had the Freedom of Speech —In today’s society we are chastised for speaking the truth or speaking out against something we believe in; we are called bully’s yet only responding to the bullying that has been bestowed upon us.  Many think that just being quite sometimes is the easy route however; speaking truth into the universe sets in motion a catalyst for change in the right direction and for what one stands for and through this action has made great changes in history.  Freedom Of Equality –I am of equal to anyone that I stand next to or anyone that stands next to me.  There is no one on this earth above me for I know my GOD, with him I have everything.  Freedom Of Sexual Orientation –Free to love whom I chose, do not judge me as you will be standing at judgment day soon. 

This caged Black Bird sings for all the freedom that tries to be stripped away on a daily basis from speaking the truth and being ridiculed; being judged by people who have never spoken a hello but listen to words of another and judge based on someone else’s perception. The caged Black Bird will continue to sing loud until its voice is heard and it is understood what the Freedom Bell stands for or why the “I Have A Dream” Speech was written, or understanding your ancestry and their struggles to have you in such a great place right now that you can’t even see.  We continue to seek out the bad instead of realizing the bad has already lived itself and the present is making way for a better future. This caged black bird will fly again free when it’s realized we all have a choice to live with peace and harmony.

Love, Peace and Happiness

Reign Congrejo Jameson

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