TRUST is the GLUE of life. It’s the MOST essential ingredient in effective COMMUNICATION.  It’s the foundational principle that HOLDS all RELATIONSHIPS.  (Steven Covey)

My hubby came to me one night about a comment that was made to him of my writings on our blog.  It seems that I don’t write about our relationship as much.  I have to admit I was taken back with this for a minute and really contemplated not writing anymore due to the fact as I saw the comment as truly one-sided.

We love to write about our relationship; we have our ups and downs as any other couple.  We have our insecurities,communication gaps and even trust issues to name a few but again who doesn’t?  We choose to work through our issues as small as they are and rarely do they even rear their ugly heads but when they do we tackle them head on. Kev knows my moods and can sense when something is wrong and vice versa and we stop long enough to let the person talk.  Active listening is essential in our relationship and is the very thing that keeps our friendship alive and well.  We are allowed to be ourselves without reservation and our choice of expression is not ridiculed.

I guess it’s great to know that we have a following and people want to look into our lives and how we handle our relationship.  We both try to be as transparent as we can with our readers about our relationship but one must keep in mind that both Kev and I are multi- dimensional and have more than one thing to talk about.  We have other friendships, work, family, etc.. We love sharing these parts of our lives with you as well as it gives you a deeper insight into the trust and respect that we truly have for one another.  The foundation that we build on daily is not for the weak hearted I tell you.  We have to recommit ourselves daily and realize it’s something that we both want and we affirm that to each other constantly.  Realizing that we are not perfect but we are perfect for each other and strive to be the best that we can for the other.  Where one is weak the other picks up; it’s what a true relationship is all about.

We could all find fault in any relationship and anything that we read. Kev and I will continue to bring  you only the best of us from all sides of us not just our relationship.  Many haven’t experienced the many facets that Kev and I share together and this will be the platform that we will unleash our talents to you.  Soul-Mate; it took me a long time to truly understand what this actually meant.  This is not a person I have a deep feeling for as you can have deep feelings for a lot of people throughout your lifetime but to truly have a connection that when you are sick that person knows it before you, or something is troubling you that person picks up on your kinetic energy.  This isn’t love people this is a true “trusting” energy that sometimes takes people a lifetime to find.  I am truly blessed to know that it’s real.  He

is the glue that keeps us together.  You never have to wonder for all is revealed here right in front of your eyes.

Divine Intervention….

Love, Peace, Happiness

Reign Jameson


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