Soulfood – Dinner Date

Soulfood – Dinner Date

Easter weekend is behind us. Most of us have ate heartily and are still recouping. But i wanted to talk a little about soulfood. There is something about praising someone. The acknowledgement of someone else. That voice that speaks quietly yes “I see you”, “I see your being, your value, your worth, your pain, your struggle, your sadness and your hope.”

The easiest thing to get someones attention is to praise them. It’s more then an ego thing. It’s not just a hey “ur pretty” or a “hey your sexy”. It’s an attraction opener. It’s a way of saying you got my attention, now I’ve opened a portion of myself to you. Even if it’s an ear to hear that next line of game being spit or a pillow to find comfort by the laying of concerns and worry on another hoping to find a voice of reason or a passive listener.

We are made in the image of our creator, who made everything to glorify him. “.Every tree shall bow and rock shall cry out.” So as God desires the praises of his people so do we desire praise as a form of food. It is in some forms a restoration. “Edification” To lift up someone is like taking glass cleaner and wiping the smudges and dirt off the mirror of your self image.

So comes the perversion. Even the enemy knows the power of praise and that is why its used to get directly pass the cruff and straight to a heart of a person. Maybe someone not even looking to be bothered. This is why its crucial to the success of any relationship to be the edifier of your partner. Lift them up DO NOT leave that oh so important job to someone else. Because people WILL take that gaping hole in your relationship and exploit it. Guard your house.

Take this example. ” Guy has been feeling down. Work is kicking his butt. He does’nt feel as young as he used to and although he’s happy being married to his wife. A bit of time into it and all the honeymooning is over, the most interaction he gets is her usually only telling him the todo list for the day. Along comes Suzy. Suzy knows guy passingly enough to conversate with him. But has been watching him for a while thru various media formats and sees that he’s married and has this good life going on. But Suzy having no regard for Guy’s relationship because she thinks Guy is hot wants to just hit him up and see how he’s doing. 

Suzy messages Guy “Hey Handsome how’s your day going?”.

Guy sees message and although  he doesn’t really know Suzy very well he is intrigued of her use of the words “Handsome”. Now Suzy means nothing to Guy and he has no interest in her but what he does have an interest in is being told he is handsome. Something he has not heard from his wife since they first got married. 

Guy responds “ty my day is going well.” 

Suzy “well i just wanted to say hi you came across my timeline and i was thinking of you”.

Guy thinks why is this person thinking of him. He thinks back to his wife who thinks of him when she wants stuff done but outside that he’s pretty much non existent.

So Guy responds ” you was thinking of me why? ” …….. Now notice what just happened.

Without her doing much at all she immediately grabbed his attention enough to have him respond to her, then secondly he questioned how a stranger is thinking of him seemingly more then his wife. However true or not true that may be it doesn’t even matter. Now the next time Guy sees Suzy online his thoughts about there last conversation is positive and more then likely he wouldn’t be against another conversation that could lead who knows where.

Now lets look at it a different way. Guy was feeling down. His wife took notice and encouraged him, Guy today you seem a little down but just wanted to let you know that even tho you have a frown on your face you are the most handsome man i have the pleasure of loving. Gives him a kiss and goes about her day.

Guy feels a warm kiss on his cheek and heard encouragement from the woman who meant it all to him.  Even tho he may still be down. He knows he’s loved. So Guy jumps online to check some messages and gets a ping from someone named Suzy.

Suzy messages Guy “Hey Handsome hows’s your day going?”

Guy see’s message “Going great, i got to go”. Closes message and goes on about his day.

What was different. His wife by edifying her own man shielded him. Girded his heart with love and provided a barrier against these vulnerability attacks (attacks designed to poke holes in defenses of things such as relationships). So when that penetration test came. The ole “how is your woman/man”, “yall still together”, “do you even got a woman”, “why you talking to me dont you got a man/woman” questions. Instantly those conversations never happen or they get shutdown. Bullet proof.

Edify her. Let her know her beauty, her worth is everything. Her smile and her soul brings out the best in you. Her intelligence and creativity is abounding.
Pray for her because she is going thru more then she will ever tell you and she will worry and have heartache that only prayer can fix.
Fight for her because real love is worth fighting for.
Protect her the world is plotting for her very life and those around her want to use her then discard her but you know her worth.

Edify him. He should never have to hear he’s sexy or handsome from another woman and not you who is the one it matters from. Let him know his worth is everything and his shield allows you to move mountains.
Pray for him because he is carrying a burden with no one to share it with.
Fight for him because real love is worth fighting for.
Protect him because he is continually warring on your behalf. He sees dangers before you may even notice and he is being beat down by the world and life to protect what he loves the most.

FEED there soul so they don’t starve and are empty in there spirit.

In the end lift each other up. If you have a problem telling your man or woman something good about them. Something encouraging about them, There are several people plotting for what you have, don’t help them along by not attending to your grass. Take care of each other. If you can compliment another man or woman before or even not saying that same edification to your own man or woman. Then your heart is in the wrong place and you are cheating that person of a blessing they may need for that day. Giving there soulfood to someone else.Don’t give place to the enemy to break into your blessing and steal from you or worse yet give it away chasing plastic grass.

Agape Love,



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