There are those people who will try to get in the way of your success and create a lot of noise to put you

in what they think is a very compromising position.  I am learning as a leader the ones you thought were

close to you are the ones that have a fear of your success and therefore try to cause you failure.

Embrace this in your life as you will find that as a leader it gives you that challenge to overcome any

obstacle that is put in front of you.  Leaders deal with a lot of negativity and that is why it’s very

important to surround yourself with positive like-minded people that can help steer you in the direction

you want to go; not cause you to veer off to the left side and you end up at a dead end.


Over the last several months I have learned many valuable lessons about being a leader and being able to separate

friendships from business.  While you can maintain both on very good levels, it’s not good when people

use their friendships as a way to get in the way of your business and only seem to do things because

they are your “Friend”.  Truth be told, it’s great to have friends who deal with us in business as long as

they understand there is a boundary.  When you look at real life businesses, people are friends but do

not take space in a business because of friendship more so, because they have a belief in its success and

want to be a part of something that will grow and have lasting positive effects as well as a money

stream.  Not believing in the brand and just being there because you are friends with an Owner, Board

of Director, etc., will only grant you many issues in the end and can affect the business itself.


You don’t have to be friends with all the people you do business with but have a common respect for

the business and deal with each other on a professional level that will keep the business striving.  If you

feel you cannot work with that used to be friend on a business level, then one should step away as you

would only cause more problems with the business structure and possibly a breakdown since the

communication would be weak.  I have heard it over and over “I believe in the business, however I can’t

work with the owner”.  To this I say you would need to relieve yourself of your duties and make way

somewhere else because the owner of the company does have first right and you will always have to

work with that person on many levels with a business structure.


The future of my company continues to change and if we do not embrace change as its part of life, we

will be left behind only knowing the old way of doing things and that will not move any business

forward.  The future of my businesses is that I will always be engaged and have the last word (I listen to

all sides and will do what’s best for the company not my own gain).  As leaders we must think outside

the box and just because things used to work a certain way, doesn’t mean that it works that way now so

CHANGE is imminent.  I will always push my businesses forward and if that means a change in people so

be it, I do not have a problem because all of us have left places of employment for one thing or another

it’s part of the life chain.  We stay where we are happy and have the most value.  Be with a company

because you see the vision, you do not necessarily have to like the Owner, CEO of the company

however; you see the company doing great things. Give 110% in the work that you do, otherwise its all

in vain.  Life is to short not to be happy and enjoy life and eat dessert first.

“Being the first to engage in change, often takes on personal risk.. Are you ready?”

Love, Peace and happiness

Reign Jameson


Worn By Reign:

Seul-Eniko Blazer and Trousers

GOSCan eyewear

Boon Sco052 hair black

Kungler-Bantu Necklace-B&W

Moda-Isabella Metal tipped heels


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  1. This is so valuable to remember as we build our brand our and businesses.


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