Constant state of flux….Seems to be the way life takes it turns and you get a few bumps and bruises along the way.  Realizing that everyone is not your friend but there to criticize every move you make even the good ones.  Find fault in all that you do.  We all have seen these people in our lives a few times, some pass through because we see who they are up front and some stay a while because they hide behind a smiling face with their own hidden agendas.  These are the ones that can hurt us the most as we never see them coming.

Never let anything surprise you, always expect the unexpected I have been taught.  It doesn’t matter whether you are successful in your own right or not, it’s all the same.  There are levels to people who enter our lives as I look at a tree.  We have the leaves which blow in the wind and these are the people that will blow from one side to the other depending on what is happening at that point in time or not and if it benefits them, these people will leave you at a moment’s notice. Realize they are only here for a blink of an eye.  The branches a little stronger not as much wiggle room however; blow but are more constant than the leaves but can bend and break if given the right opportunity.  Then you have your trunk and roots and this is where your true friends lie.  These are the people that no matter how you mess up they will be there.  Love you, correct you, tell you about yourself when others won’t and will be loyal to you no matter what the circumstances are.  It’s not about what you can do for them or offer them, it’s truly about more of how you can help each other in whatever it may be and any time given.

Realizing that everyone you come in contact with is not your friend and many only there for a season and a reason.  Some to teach us lessons to move on to the next phase in our lives.  Don’t be mad or disgruntled at these people; praise them for they helped you move into another season of your life to be more prosperous.  Wish them well and all the best, for they were brought to you for a particular subject in the book of life.

Look at yourself and love the skin you’re in.  The people in and out of your life, the lessons you have learned have made you the strong person you are today.  Live, Love, Laugh and keep letting those leaves and branches as they bring the challenges we need to move forward and also  they allow us truly appreciate the trunk and roots that we have in our lives that will be there for us till the end of our days.

Love, Peace and Light.

Reign Jameson



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