Why do we “Trust” Google more then God?

Why do we “Trust” Google more then God?

Picture this. You get up in the morning and decide some breakfast from your favourite spot sounds really good. So you jump in you car. Take that same right turn and head on down 5th street to johnson way and make a left 2 blocks down and there sits “Pancakes, Sausage and Waffles.” You know they got the best waffles in town.  It was not even a thought taken on how to get there you’ve been there several times before and today was no exception.

Belly full on the way home, you get a call from your best friend telling you they want you to meet them for lunch at this new place that you both wanted to go to. Only problem is, its 2 hours away and you have never been there before. No problem, you whip out your phone open your mic and say “Navigate to Bob’s Seafood Bonanza” a few moments goes by while Google does its thing (sorry apple users we all know google got maps :p) and there it is your destination pops up with a few choices. One will get you there quicker; One you can avoid the tolls but will take longer; One takes you a more scenic route but not too different.

Time is of the essence so you just pick the first one and off you go to a new place, a new destination and Google is going to make sure you get there as Google predicted as long as you don’t deviate from what she tells you to do. So you head off jammin in your car to Keith Sweat and an 1:45 minutes into the drive you realize that even tho your almost there there’s some construction going on. The Construction workers has everyone waiting for a dumb truck to pass, and for some reason your 4g is now on edge, and of course you have no wifi to hop on. GPS is not giving you any clues on what to do so, you just make the closest turn tired of just sitting here.

You have no idea where you are and you feel in danger of being late to your destination. You aren’t getting any help from the trusty calming voice that usually points you in the right direction. Your turn has moved you way out the way that your supposed to be going and the further and further you get from that stupid traffic, your gps comes back and that voice tells you “hey your going the wrong way”. ReRouting you.

What you didn’t know was that while your driving 20 minutes getting lost because the construction people was taking too long, they had actually created a lane to let people go around the truck and you meanwhile have put yourself out of place 20 minutes away from where your supposed to be. All because you didn’t want to wait thru the uncomfortable delay you have now forced Google to come up with another way to get you to where your supposed to be although now other people have been effected by you and now they have to wait till you get there.

Proverbs 3:5-6King James Version (KJV)

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Why is it that when we make up in our mind what we want to achieve in life. We pray, we hope but we don’t have any faith that God knows what he is doing enough to get us there. We get into places that are unfamiliar and unknown, may not feel good and the first thing we want to do is just try to do it our way. As in the above story, we often find ourselves moving right out the path laid before us because we don’t trust God to navigate us thru it. We get impatient, at times self inflated thinking we can do a better job and we often miss out on that chance to just be still and watch God work.  If Google has enough sense to get us where we are going even with the deviating of our paths. Then the author of our destiny i’m sure can handle your little traffic delay in life.

If you have faith and trust in God then he can be all the gps you need to walk into your destiny and purpose. Who’s blessings, encouragement, rescue or destiny is being held up waiting on you to stop getting lost and having to be rerouted.(Here’s a fun test replace the story above and insert GOD instead of Google).

Be blessed today.

–KJ (Khalied Jameson)


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