TRUST is the GLUE of life. It’s the MOST essential ingredient in effective COMMUNICATION.  It’s the foundational principle that HOLDS all RELATIONSHIPS.  (Steven Covey)

My hubby came to me one night about a comment that was made to him of my writings on our blog.  It seems that I don’t write about our relationship as much.  I have to admit I was taken back with this for a minute and really contemplated not writing anymore due to the fact as I saw the comment as truly one-sided.

We love to write about our relationship; we have our ups and downs as any other couple.  We have our insecurities,communication gaps and even trust issues to name a few but again who doesn’t?  We choose to work through our issues as small as they are and rarely do they even rear their ugly heads but when they do we tackle them head on. Kev knows my moods and can sense when something is wrong and vice versa and we stop long enough to let the person talk.  Active listening is essential in our relationship and is the very thing that keeps our friendship alive and well.  We are allowed to be ourselves without reservation and our choice of expression is not ridiculed.

I guess it’s great to know that we have a following and people want to look into our lives and how we handle our relationship.  We both try to be as transparent as we can with our readers about our relationship but one must keep in mind that both Kev and I are multi- dimensional and have more than one thing to talk about.  We have other friendships, work, family, etc.. We love sharing these parts of our lives with you as well as it gives you a deeper insight into the trust and respect that we truly have for one another.  The foundation that we build on daily is not for the weak hearted I tell you.  We have to recommit ourselves daily and realize it’s something that we both want and we affirm that to each other constantly.  Realizing that we are not perfect but we are perfect for each other and strive to be the best that we can for the other.  Where one is weak the other picks up; it’s what a true relationship is all about.

We could all find fault in any relationship and anything that we read. Kev and I will continue to bring  you only the best of us from all sides of us not just our relationship.  Many haven’t experienced the many facets that Kev and I share together and this will be the platform that we will unleash our talents to you.  Soul-Mate; it took me a long time to truly understand what this actually meant.  This is not a person I have a deep feeling for as you can have deep feelings for a lot of people throughout your lifetime but to truly have a connection that when you are sick that person knows it before you, or something is troubling you that person picks up on your kinetic energy.  This isn’t love people this is a true “trusting” energy that sometimes takes people a lifetime to find.  I am truly blessed to know that it’s real.  He

is the glue that keeps us together.  You never have to wonder for all is revealed here right in front of your eyes.

Divine Intervention….

Love, Peace, Happiness

Reign Jameson


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Soulfood – Dinner Date

Soulfood – Dinner Date

Easter weekend is behind us. Most of us have ate heartily and are still recouping. But i wanted to talk a little about soulfood. There is something about praising someone. The acknowledgement of someone else. That voice that speaks quietly yes “I see you”, “I see your being, your value, your worth, your pain, your struggle, your sadness and your hope.”

The easiest thing to get someones attention is to praise them. It’s more then an ego thing. It’s not just a hey “ur pretty” or a “hey your sexy”. It’s an attraction opener. It’s a way of saying you got my attention, now I’ve opened a portion of myself to you. Even if it’s an ear to hear that next line of game being spit or a pillow to find comfort by the laying of concerns and worry on another hoping to find a voice of reason or a passive listener.

We are made in the image of our creator, who made everything to glorify him. “.Every tree shall bow and rock shall cry out.” So as God desires the praises of his people so do we desire praise as a form of food. It is in some forms a restoration. “Edification” To lift up someone is like taking glass cleaner and wiping the smudges and dirt off the mirror of your self image.

So comes the perversion. Even the enemy knows the power of praise and that is why its used to get directly pass the cruff and straight to a heart of a person. Maybe someone not even looking to be bothered. This is why its crucial to the success of any relationship to be the edifier of your partner. Lift them up DO NOT leave that oh so important job to someone else. Because people WILL take that gaping hole in your relationship and exploit it. Guard your house.

Take this example. ” Guy has been feeling down. Work is kicking his butt. He does’nt feel as young as he used to and although he’s happy being married to his wife. A bit of time into it and all the honeymooning is over, the most interaction he gets is her usually only telling him the todo list for the day. Along comes Suzy. Suzy knows guy passingly enough to conversate with him. But has been watching him for a while thru various media formats and sees that he’s married and has this good life going on. But Suzy having no regard for Guy’s relationship because she thinks Guy is hot wants to just hit him up and see how he’s doing. 

Suzy messages Guy “Hey Handsome how’s your day going?”.

Guy sees message and although  he doesn’t really know Suzy very well he is intrigued of her use of the words “Handsome”. Now Suzy means nothing to Guy and he has no interest in her but what he does have an interest in is being told he is handsome. Something he has not heard from his wife since they first got married. 

Guy responds “ty my day is going well.” 

Suzy “well i just wanted to say hi you came across my timeline and i was thinking of you”.

Guy thinks why is this person thinking of him. He thinks back to his wife who thinks of him when she wants stuff done but outside that he’s pretty much non existent.

So Guy responds ” you was thinking of me why? ” …….. Now notice what just happened.

Without her doing much at all she immediately grabbed his attention enough to have him respond to her, then secondly he questioned how a stranger is thinking of him seemingly more then his wife. However true or not true that may be it doesn’t even matter. Now the next time Guy sees Suzy online his thoughts about there last conversation is positive and more then likely he wouldn’t be against another conversation that could lead who knows where.

Now lets look at it a different way. Guy was feeling down. His wife took notice and encouraged him, Guy today you seem a little down but just wanted to let you know that even tho you have a frown on your face you are the most handsome man i have the pleasure of loving. Gives him a kiss and goes about her day.

Guy feels a warm kiss on his cheek and heard encouragement from the woman who meant it all to him.  Even tho he may still be down. He knows he’s loved. So Guy jumps online to check some messages and gets a ping from someone named Suzy.

Suzy messages Guy “Hey Handsome hows’s your day going?”

Guy see’s message “Going great, i got to go”. Closes message and goes on about his day.

What was different. His wife by edifying her own man shielded him. Girded his heart with love and provided a barrier against these vulnerability attacks (attacks designed to poke holes in defenses of things such as relationships). So when that penetration test came. The ole “how is your woman/man”, “yall still together”, “do you even got a woman”, “why you talking to me dont you got a man/woman” questions. Instantly those conversations never happen or they get shutdown. Bullet proof.

Edify her. Let her know her beauty, her worth is everything. Her smile and her soul brings out the best in you. Her intelligence and creativity is abounding.
Pray for her because she is going thru more then she will ever tell you and she will worry and have heartache that only prayer can fix.
Fight for her because real love is worth fighting for.
Protect her the world is plotting for her very life and those around her want to use her then discard her but you know her worth.

Edify him. He should never have to hear he’s sexy or handsome from another woman and not you who is the one it matters from. Let him know his worth is everything and his shield allows you to move mountains.
Pray for him because he is carrying a burden with no one to share it with.
Fight for him because real love is worth fighting for.
Protect him because he is continually warring on your behalf. He sees dangers before you may even notice and he is being beat down by the world and life to protect what he loves the most.

FEED there soul so they don’t starve and are empty in there spirit.

In the end lift each other up. If you have a problem telling your man or woman something good about them. Something encouraging about them, There are several people plotting for what you have, don’t help them along by not attending to your grass. Take care of each other. If you can compliment another man or woman before or even not saying that same edification to your own man or woman. Then your heart is in the wrong place and you are cheating that person of a blessing they may need for that day. Giving there soulfood to someone else.Don’t give place to the enemy to break into your blessing and steal from you or worse yet give it away chasing plastic grass.

Agape Love,



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I am always in awe of couples that have made it for over 50-60 years. I wonder how they keep it together and remain lovers and friends. Relationships are one of the hardest tasks to maintain because it involves to very unique individuals with very different thought patterns, outlooks and every at times different cultural backgrounds.

I see daily within my own relationship that it’s a growing and ever understanding of another person. When we first meet that special person its so easy to keep the music playing and sparks flying. You look forward to hearing each other’s voice daily and counting the days, hours, minutes till you see that person again. It’s one of the most exciting times in a relationship yet the newest part of one.

Once you have been in that relationship for a while you begin to uncover how that other person works. What their quirks are, what makes them tick whether good or bad. This to me is the most interesting part of a relationship. As humans we are forever growing in one way or another. Over time we change, our thought patterns, the things we enjoy doing seem to fluctuate. We actually get to enjoy the phenomenal part of another person growing/changing. We emerge ourselves into another person, feeling their words, their actions. For a minute just being able to look from afar to see the wonders that another person’s character takes on. How can one not want to keep understanding this wondrous being that GOD has given us?

A relationship is knowing you can be the best of friends. We all know that with vanity some lose their luster and all we have left is communication. It’s amazing how you can learn so much from someone, whether you agree or not it’s still a mind-blowing experience.

I find myself being surprised daily by what looks at me on a daily basis. I can’t help but want to keep going back for more. The guidance I receive sometimes may or may not work but it keeps the communication open. Realizing that we are different people yet accepting each difference as a learning and growing experience we will never find ourselves without anything to talk about. This sometimes can be a very scary part of a relationship as you grow closer to that person hoping they find the same with you; hoping and only wanting the best for our relationship.

I am blessed that I had yesterday and I have to day to keep making it better. I won’t take advantage of letting the music stop on its own I will keep rewinding it and seeing how I can continue to make it better. This is how those long term relationships have worked. Working with each other, listening to each other and loving. Keeping that fire going and finding new and exciting music to listen too.

I wish for everyone to have what I found the music I have. When you find it, it won’t be perfect in the beginning however; I promise you that if you keep watering your plant it will grow. You will build something that in this world is the most powerful of all.

Loving. Feeling…Being…

The best of the music that will never stop playing.


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How do you keep the music playing?

How do you make it last?

How do you keep the song from fading too fast?

How do you lose yourself to someone?

And never lose your ways How do you not run out of new things to say?

And since we’re always changing How can it be the same?

And tell me how year after year You’re sure your heart will fall apart Each time you hear his name I know the way I feel for you It’s now or never The more I love the more that I’m afraid That in your eyes I may not see forever.. Forever…

If we can be the best of lovers Yet be the best of friends If we can try with everyday to make it better as it grows With any luck, then I suppose The music never ends I know the way I feel for you It’s now or never!

(How do you keep the music playing?)

The more I love the more that I’m afraid (How do you make it last) That in your eyes I may not see forever Forever…

(How do you keep the song from fading, keep the song from fading too fast) If we can be the best of lovers Yet be the best of friends If we can try with everyday to make it better as it grows With any luck, then I suppose The music never ends






There are those people who will try to get in the way of your success and create a lot of noise to put you

in what they think is a very compromising position.  I am learning as a leader the ones you thought were

close to you are the ones that have a fear of your success and therefore try to cause you failure.

Embrace this in your life as you will find that as a leader it gives you that challenge to overcome any

obstacle that is put in front of you.  Leaders deal with a lot of negativity and that is why it’s very

important to surround yourself with positive like-minded people that can help steer you in the direction

you want to go; not cause you to veer off to the left side and you end up at a dead end.


Over the last several months I have learned many valuable lessons about being a leader and being able to separate

friendships from business.  While you can maintain both on very good levels, it’s not good when people

use their friendships as a way to get in the way of your business and only seem to do things because

they are your “Friend”.  Truth be told, it’s great to have friends who deal with us in business as long as

they understand there is a boundary.  When you look at real life businesses, people are friends but do

not take space in a business because of friendship more so, because they have a belief in its success and

want to be a part of something that will grow and have lasting positive effects as well as a money

stream.  Not believing in the brand and just being there because you are friends with an Owner, Board

of Director, etc., will only grant you many issues in the end and can affect the business itself.


You don’t have to be friends with all the people you do business with but have a common respect for

the business and deal with each other on a professional level that will keep the business striving.  If you

feel you cannot work with that used to be friend on a business level, then one should step away as you

would only cause more problems with the business structure and possibly a breakdown since the

communication would be weak.  I have heard it over and over “I believe in the business, however I can’t

work with the owner”.  To this I say you would need to relieve yourself of your duties and make way

somewhere else because the owner of the company does have first right and you will always have to

work with that person on many levels with a business structure.


The future of my company continues to change and if we do not embrace change as its part of life, we

will be left behind only knowing the old way of doing things and that will not move any business

forward.  The future of my businesses is that I will always be engaged and have the last word (I listen to

all sides and will do what’s best for the company not my own gain).  As leaders we must think outside

the box and just because things used to work a certain way, doesn’t mean that it works that way now so

CHANGE is imminent.  I will always push my businesses forward and if that means a change in people so

be it, I do not have a problem because all of us have left places of employment for one thing or another

it’s part of the life chain.  We stay where we are happy and have the most value.  Be with a company

because you see the vision, you do not necessarily have to like the Owner, CEO of the company

however; you see the company doing great things. Give 110% in the work that you do, otherwise its all

in vain.  Life is to short not to be happy and enjoy life and eat dessert first.

“Being the first to engage in change, often takes on personal risk.. Are you ready?”

Love, Peace and happiness

Reign Jameson


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Constant state of flux….Seems to be the way life takes it turns and you get a few bumps and bruises along the way.  Realizing that everyone is not your friend but there to criticize every move you make even the good ones.  Find fault in all that you do.  We all have seen these people in our lives a few times, some pass through because we see who they are up front and some stay a while because they hide behind a smiling face with their own hidden agendas.  These are the ones that can hurt us the most as we never see them coming.

Never let anything surprise you, always expect the unexpected I have been taught.  It doesn’t matter whether you are successful in your own right or not, it’s all the same.  There are levels to people who enter our lives as I look at a tree.  We have the leaves which blow in the wind and these are the people that will blow from one side to the other depending on what is happening at that point in time or not and if it benefits them, these people will leave you at a moment’s notice. Realize they are only here for a blink of an eye.  The branches a little stronger not as much wiggle room however; blow but are more constant than the leaves but can bend and break if given the right opportunity.  Then you have your trunk and roots and this is where your true friends lie.  These are the people that no matter how you mess up they will be there.  Love you, correct you, tell you about yourself when others won’t and will be loyal to you no matter what the circumstances are.  It’s not about what you can do for them or offer them, it’s truly about more of how you can help each other in whatever it may be and any time given.

Realizing that everyone you come in contact with is not your friend and many only there for a season and a reason.  Some to teach us lessons to move on to the next phase in our lives.  Don’t be mad or disgruntled at these people; praise them for they helped you move into another season of your life to be more prosperous.  Wish them well and all the best, for they were brought to you for a particular subject in the book of life.

Look at yourself and love the skin you’re in.  The people in and out of your life, the lessons you have learned have made you the strong person you are today.  Live, Love, Laugh and keep letting those leaves and branches as they bring the challenges we need to move forward and also  they allow us truly appreciate the trunk and roots that we have in our lives that will be there for us till the end of our days.

Love, Peace and Light.

Reign Jameson





Kicks off the high heels, takes off the clothes of another hard day’s work and walks down by the ocean to listen to the soft words to calm the ever so restless soul that I have. I am now vulnerable to the night and the ocean who have beckoned me as they have heard my cry in silence for so long. I sit on the dock as the water creeps to my feet to welcome me and I start to speak.

Ocean, may I be transparent tonight? I have let the disappointments of my life bound me in such a way that I have kept so many things quiet over the years afraid that I would be judged, rejected, ridiculed, when all I wanted was for people to love me. I hid behind a smiling face when it was hurt that I would bare day in and day out. So many tragedies have happened that have kept me from reaching my true potential and destiny and now I just need to be free to be me and not what people portray me to be.

Let’s go back in time when I was a teen getting pregnant at the age of sixteen. Never being taught about sex and the influence of friends deciding to lose my virginity, not recognizing how precious my body is. How about being in a controlling relationship where your boyfriend handcuffs you to the bed, has sex with you at his discretion and doesn’t take you home for days and your mother doesn’t even question your whereabouts? Then in a drunken state he tries to throw you off a four story building?

How about a mother who takes you to a psychiatrist because she thinks you’re having an affair with her boyfriend, then wakes you up at midnight and takes you on a run over to his apartment has you knock on his door only to find that he has some other girl up in his shack. Never got that apology. I am a child of only thirteen.

As life precedes on its filled with loveless relationships, owning an female escort company (one that spans four states) while still holding down a full time position so you are never caught. You live in a five thousand square foot home where your girls meet for tea every Sunday to exchange that pretty green stuff that can buy you the world.

Being married several times and always picking the wrong partner thinking they were the “it” guy when they were just the “it” guy right now. Having a problem with Co-dependency led to many broken marriage and unfulfilled relationships. Men who had drug and alcohol problem which I overlooked thinking I could be the one to help them, not realizing that I was broken myself. Two broken people, what a way to start a life together. Domestic Violence I have experience because of alcohol abuse and because I am a Co-Dependent I justified his actions until he tried to kill me and my children there watching as he takes an extension cord and wraps it around my neck. This is when I knew it was time to fight back.

Fighting for my life with Cervical Cancer, having a third of my cervix removed saved me by the grace of GOD. How about losing a child that was twenty-two months old because of a physician’s negligence? Diagnosed with Clinical Depression at this point with Suicidal Ideation. Making a promise that there would never be anyone in my lifetime to ever come close to me to ever hurt me as I have already experienced all the pain I cared to go through.

Ocean, I have always known my destiny however; the fear of success has always been my weak point. My mother told me I would never amount to anything, my handwriting was horrible. At the age of 7 my mother told my dad she wished she never had me. This is such a burden for any child to bear. Forgive me Ocean, I know I am all over but I just needed to release it all. I am human, I have feeling and emotions as the next person. People who say they know me really have no idea of who I am or where I came from. I worked hard for everything I have. I never graduated from High School went on to get my GED. It wasn’t until a physician from Georgetown University Medical Center told me I had a gift and if I would just go back to school and receive a higher education so many doors would open up for me. That man was such a blessing in my life as I received my Bachelor’s. I kept getting the bug and went for a double major MBA/Healthcare Management. I have owned my own business, Finance is forte however; not my passion. Another physician crossed my path and told me I would be a great physician that “You have a Gift”, I truly didn’t want to become a physician so started my Ph.D. Having a great job in upper management however; something still missing.

Ocean, I questioned my purpose for so long. Who am I, where am I to be? I couldn’t find my way. Not realizing that my way had been in front of me all the time. How many times does something have to be presented in the same way, a different way, people brought into your life, leave your life and you still do not see it? That’s me, my blessing would come and go through over twenty years I just chose to ignore it.

Today, I am not ignoring it anymore “I will never be the same again”. Because of my pain, because of my breakthroughs and I continue to live and strive daily I am a ministry to tell my story. My struggles, my achievements could be what someone else needs to hear to pull themselves through. Power of life or death lies in the tongue and so I decide to speak and tell my struggles. I realize that I am a woman of significance and the enemy will come and try to attack me (people will talk about me, especially those that do not know me, yet form an opinion about me instead of asking me. Issues are solved by asking and receiving an understanding. I will be rejected and painted as this mean villain again, the enemy trying to get the best of me). I am a woman of significance and purpose and that was placed on me at an early age. It’s now my time to act on what has been bestowed upon me. I have the Faith and now I must do what I have been called to do. Whether there are five people who choose to follow me or five-thousand. My purpose was gifted to me long ago and there is not anyone on this earth that can take that away from me. Knowing me is reading my words, talking to me that the true knowing of who “I” am.

Peace Be Still, is what I always say and hold dear to my heart. I watch how things unfold for me. People are moved out of my life and in my life for a reason as it’s the next step in my journey. I always wish everyone well in their endeavors, I have no ill feelings although maybe disappointments but that is just the carnal side of me which fades in time.

Satan will not ever beat me (2 Corinthians 2:11-Lest Satan should get an advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.). I have Faith and all it takes is the size of a mustard seed (Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.)

Readers, Foes, Family, Friends; I sit before you as it may seem naked and very transparent in my life and all for a reason, I don’t need worldly possessions to make me, because I know how I am and I do not have to prove that to any one as you can and will see that through my actions because I am covered by the Armor of the Lord. I have been healed by the Word of GOD. I believe it, I life it. What my life is today, will be even better tomorrow because of my beliefs. Those storms will come in many different forms only to let me know that once that storm is over, I too shall rise.

Be Encouraged

Stay Encouraged

Reign Congrejo Jameson A.K.A

Carletha Renee Ballou